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๐Ÿ”ฅ Watyยฒ is coming on Solana ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Waty : Your Premier Web3.0, Crypto, and NFT Proof-of-community

Welcome to Watyยฒ, the innovative proof-of-community that is reshaping the marketing landscape. We leverage the power of Web3, crypto, and NFTs to deliver unique marketing solutions for your brandโ€‹.

Harness the Power of Web3 with Waty

Discover how our Web3 marketing services can enhance your brand's presence in the decentralized world. With Waty DAO, you're not just getting a service, you're becoming part of an engaged and dynamic community.

Expertise in Decentralized Marketing


Profound Understanding of Crypto Audience


Customizable Marketing Campaigns

Waty Decentralized marketing Solution

Waty DAO, first Proof-of-Community

Working with Waty is a mutually beneficial arrangement: our users enjoy transparency, rewards, while our clients benefit from enhanced visibility, genuine engagement and excellent service.

Tailor-Made Strategies

Personalized solutions to meet unique needs, delivering customized experiences for users.
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Community-Driven Approach

Foster deeper connections, active participation, and meaningful interactions within the community.
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Viral Growth Strategies

Implementing tactics to drive exponential growth, extended reach, leveraging social sharing and network effects.
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Long-Term Support

Empower your project with our enduring and committed community support.
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Transparency and Rewards

Promote transparency in operations and incentivize community members with rewarding systems.
It's a win-win for all stakeholders.

Crosschain Scalability

Harnessing crosschain technology to achieve scalability, interoperability, and seamless integration across blockchain networks.
Web2 solution versus web3 solution

The Future of Crypto Marketing is Here

Learn how Waty DAO is shaping the future of marketing with our unique blend of decentralized, crypto-focused strategies.

Rewarding True Users


Boosting Project Visibility


Creating Long-Term Value

Why Choose Waty DAO ?
A Comparison with Existing Web3.0 Influence Solutions

In the diverse world of decentralized marketing, how does Waty DAO stand out against traditional influencer marketing and guild-based solutions? Let's break it down.

More rewards


More transparency


No fake engagement

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Blockchains we are present on

As a testament to our commitment to inclusivity and scalability, Waty DAO is currently in the process of becoming a crosschain solution, extending our reach across multiple blockchains.

Some questions, some answers

Have questions about Waty DAO, decentralized marketing, or the world of crypto? Explore our frequently asked questions to learn more.

What is a DAO?

A DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, is a form of organization that is run by smart contracts on a blockchain.

How Does Waty Leverage Blockchain for Marketing?

By integrating blockchain technology into our marketing strategies, we're able to tap into decentralized communities and create more engaging and effective campaigns.

What Makes Waty's Proof-of-Community Approach Unique?

Our Proof-of-Community approach focuses on rewarding true users, ensuring transparency, and creating win-win situations for all involved parties.

How Can Brands Benefit from Waty's Services?

Brands can benefit from our services through enhanced visibility, a larger reach, increased engagement, and potential viral growth for their projects.

How Does Waty Support DAOs and Blockchain Projects ?

We provide proactive support for DAOs and blockchain projects through our unique marketing strategies, helping to stimulate community participation and create long-term support.

How Does Waty Ensure Transparency and Rewards for Users?

Waty ensures transparency and rewards for users through our Proof-of-Community approach, which aims to create a win-win situation for users and clients alike.

Insights from the Waty Blog

Stay updated with the latest trends, insights, and news from the world of blockchain marketing.

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Unleash potential, drive innovation. Explore the core sectors of the decentralized world with Waty DAO - from Blockchain to DAOs.

NFT Projects We've Proudly Partnered With

A Testament to Our Commitment to AAA Projects. At Waty DAO, we prioritize utility over hype, focusing on building sustainable marketing strategies for standout projects.

Ready to Dive Into Decentralized Marketing?

Revolutionize your project's reach with Waty DAO. Our unique proof-of-community approach rewards real users and delivers authentic engagement. Don't stay on the sidelines. Harness the power of Web3 and DAO to propel your crypto project forward.

DAOย Transparency


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